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The Midlife Roadmap addresses key challenges associated with the midlife transition.

Midlife Challenges

  • Are you at the brink of the dreaded midlife crisis, menopause, and the empty nest, struggling to find a footing in this unknown lifescape?
  • Do you believe midlife is the beginning of the end and your best years are behind you?
  • Are you frustrated by ageist narratives when you feel there’s still so much more life left in you?
  • Are you an empty nester feeling lost and unsure about what comes next for you?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your core self because of social conditioning and living up to others’ expectations?
  • Have you lost touch with your dreams, goals, and individuality while focusing on others’ needs, so intensely you’ve abandoned yourself along the way?
  • Are you seeking deeper meaning and purpose in your life because you sense an emptiness or a void, but you can’t quite identify what you’re missing?

I answered YES to all these questions seven years ago.

It’s why I created this course.